Broken Teeth HC

At peace amongst chaos


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Broken Teeth HC - At peace amongst chaos
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Das Debütalbum des heißesten UK-Hardcore Newcomers!

From the press:

„From what i've seen and heard these guys from the UK are bringing it...hard! As it should be. BROKEN TEETH is an appropriate name... I recommend any HC fan young or old to give these guys a listen....and guard your grill!“
Freddy Cricien / MADBALL

"BROKEN TEETH are a band I can get down with, they "get it", one of the highlights of last years Ghostfest UK that we headlined."
Frank „3Gun“ Novinec / HATEBREED

"Wow it's great to hear that UK's BROKEN TEETH have joined the NB Family! Great UK Hardcore loaded with energy from the streets of Manchester! This release will be a promising blast of fury!"

„This record hits ultra hard. I love this band and am excited to see what the future holds for them.“
Scott Vogel / TERROR

Track list Total runtime
1 - Take me away 4:06
2 - Leach regress to snake 3:18
3 - Stomp to dust 2:35
4 - At peace amongst chaos 4:06
5 - Witness of destruction 2:33
6 - Nothing like you 2:58
7 - Show no mercy 3:00
8 - Lose my grip 3:19
9 - Prove you wrong 2:02
10 - Riot of the mind 2:47
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